Welcome to our Cambridge Massage Therapy at Relief Chiropractic

Cambridge chiropractors and massage therapists who specialise in spinal healthcare.

Cambridge Massage Therapy is available to those most in need

Under the current guidelines, Sports Massage Therapy can only continue if required for medical reasons where treatment is urgent and cannot be deferred. This includes any health condition that is currently causing severe pain or mobility issues, or is severely impacting quality of life.

Due to the strict requirements for massage therapy at present, we are currently not offering online booking.

If you believe you meet these requirements, please contact the clinic to discuss your options.

If you are unable to attend clinic and would like some advice from Edmund, our principal chiropractor, he will be available if you are in need. Please use the online booking facility to schedule a ‘Telephone Call‘ with him.

Welcome to Massage Therapy at Relief Chiropractic Health Clinic

Our Massage Therapy in Cambridge is available at Relief Chiropractic Health Clinic. For massage therapists who specialise in relaxation, reflexology, sports or deep tissue massage you need look no further than Massage Therapy here at Relief Chiropractic. We pride ourselves in our affordable care plans, our versatile treatments to suit you and our ability to refer in-house to other therapists if needed.

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Why Choose Relief Chiropractic for Massage in Cambridge?

Our massage therapists can tailor a treatment to you, whether you need a more relaxing head massage, reflexology or Swedish massage, or a more specific sports or deep tissue massage.

A range of massage therapy at at a flat rate of £50 for one hour. Payment plans are available allowing you to make some great savings; making the care you deserve as affordable as possible.

We believe in using the type of therapy or approach that you need, whenever you need it. This may be massage, chiropractic, nutrition advice, psychological therapies or more.

Our specialists have experience providing a range of massages